2017 is the 12th Anniversary of the Fifth Third River Bank Run Road Warrior program! Each year, the public (within a 45 mile radius of Grand Rapids) is invited to apply to become event ambassadors while training with coaches for the 25K, 10K and 5K events on the second Saturday of May.  The Road Warriors are selected by a panel after personal interviews. All 13 Road Warriors represent the Fifth Third River Bank Run at community events and blog on the social media of choice about the ups and downs of training for a long distance road race in Michigan.

A very special welcome to the 2017 Fifth Third River Bank Run Road Warriors — Annette, Bill, Brian, Chris, Jamie, Robert, Roxanne, Sarah G, Sarah K, Shannon, Sol, Carrie and Rory Beth — coached by Joann Karpowicz and Amy Polega!

Read their stories.   Get to know them.  Get to know the coaches 



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